Listed below is the Statement of Faith for The Christian Out Reach Evangelism Ministry:
  1. God - There is one God. God exists in three divine persons: The Father, Jesus Christ the Son, The Holy Spirit. God is all powerful, God is all knowing, God is ever-present, in 1 John 4:16 we read that God is love.

  2. The Bible - The Bible and it alone is the inspired word of God. The individuals who wrote the Bible were inspired by God to pen the words. The Bible is the only example of this type of spiritual interchange.

  3. Interpretation - Since the Bible is the true word of God, we can rely on its accuracy and preservation. Events in the Bible, such as the fall of humans, our inability to redeem ourselves through our own works, the literal existence of Satan, the virgin birth of Christ, and the institution of the church are true because the Bible states them to be so. There are many styles and elements in the Bible. This leads to many passages that can be open to different interpretations. It is the obligation of the church and each member to read and study the Bible with reverence and diligence.

  4. The Church - The church is the body of Christ. Christians must acknowledge that we will always disagree on some matters of doctrine. This is all secondary to the fact that we will share in Christ's glory, and God calls us to share in his labor on this earth.

Getting To Heaven
The plan of salvation can be articulated in a number of ways. Any of us might state the same thing a little different depending on one's personality, gifts, the audience we presenting to and the medium in which it is presented. Nevertheless, I do believe that the plan of salvation listed below covers all of the elements, and that no orthodox Evangelical Christian would disagree.

  1. Sin - Inheriting a sinful nature from the fall of Adam and Eve all of us have violated the laws of God - Romans 3:23.

  2. Consequences of Sin - Because of this sin we cannot see Heaven. We have no ability through our own efforts to redeem ourselves - Romans 6:23.

  3. Jesus Christ - God offered us one and only one way to escape the consequences of sin - John 14:6. When Jesus Christ died on the Cross he gave himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. When he died on the Cross our transgression died with him - Romans 5:12 - 17 & 2 Cor. 5:21.

  4. Repentance - In order to get to Heaven we must repent of ALL of our sins - Luke 13: 5. Repentance means an acknowledgment of the wrongfulness of our actions, a heartfelt sorry for having committed them and a real commitment that we don't want to do them again. Repentance must be sincere from the deepest seat of emotions and not simply a cognitive acceptance of the truth of the Gospel (antinominism) - I John 1: 9.

  5. Submission and Faith - To be a Christian we must acknowledge Christ as our God, our Lord and Savior. We must accept His love and forgiveness and commit our lives to him - Romans 10: 8 - 13.

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