EFFECT: You show a volunteer four pieces of paper. Each sheet is a different color. You ask the volunteer to name a color out loud. You then reveal a prediction that correctly guesses the selected color

MESSAGE: God knows all of our thoughts, nothing is hidden. Psalm 139: 1 - 4, and Icor 4:5.

PROPS: The equipment needed will be shown as the lesson is explained.


1) Select a volunteer

2) At the beginning of the trick have all four sheets in an envelope. Take the four sheets out of the envelope and lay them out as shown below.

3) Instruct the volunteer to point to one of the sheets.

4) Tell them that you knew they were going to pick this color ahead of time. You can prove this because you have made a prediction. Depending on the color do one of the following:

RED - Turn the sheet over Printed on the other side is YOU PICKED

RED - GOOD CHOICE. I have the red prediction printed on card stock, so that printing doesn't show through.You can then show the audience the other side of the remaining three sheets.

BLUE - Have them turn over The envelope. Glued to the other side of the envelope is the prediction YOU PICKED BLUE- GOOD CHOICE.

GREEN - Take a half sized sheet of paper out of the
envelope that says YOU PICKED GREEN - GOOD CHOICE

YELLOW - Take a half sized sheet of paper out of your pocket that says YOU PICKED YELLOW - GOOD CHOICE

5) Make sure your audience sees no other prediction.

6) Ask your audience, :Can I read minds? No! Of course not. No human can read minds. Only God can read minds." Read the two Bible passages Psalms 139: 1 - 4 and I Corinthians 4:5. Explain that God knows everything about us. "The Bible tells us that God knows every thought. Nothing is hidden from God, he knows what you are thinking."

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