EFFECT: A piece of paper of paper is torn in a variety of ways to reveal a cross. This is more of an origami presentation than a Gospel Illusion. It is however, an excellent object lesson. I have found this to be one of my most popular effects.

MESSAGE: The way of the cross is the only way to Heaven. John 3:16, John 14:16 and Acts 4:12.

PROPS: You will need one piece of paper. 8.5 x 11 is fine, larger and/or colored paper can be added to the effect.


1) Start by showing the audience the sheet of paper.

2) Tell the audience, "I would like to make something out of a sheet of paper. What can we make out of an airplane (someone will likely say a paper airplane)? A paper airplane is fun to make, but I'm going to make a special airplane. Here watch this, normally when making an airplane you would fold it in half. I am going to do something different."

3) Follows the diagram below, fold the sheet from point A to point B. The folds the top of the sheet to the right side.

4) Say to your audience, "Now we will make a fold the other way."

5) Follow the diagram below. Fold the sheet from point C to point D.

6) Say to your listeners, "Now we will fold our airplane in half."

7) Fold the paper in half.

8) Next you say, "We want to give our airplane some wings."

9) Make the wings fairly large. You do not want more than one inch for the base of the airplane. You will notice a little triangle in the center of the airplane. Leave the triangle sticking straight up.

10) "See we have a pretty awesome paper airplane. Who can tell me how far you throw a paper airplane? Right! Not too far, maybe 50 feet if we are lucky. How high can you fly in a real airplane? Well you can fly maybe 20 miles high and you can fly around the world. Can you fly up to Heaven in an airplane? Of course not! You can't fly up to Heaven in an airplane. Let's make something different. Let’s tear off this little triangle."

11) Tear off the triangle. Remember to tear it off at the point that the triangle meets the wings. Don't tear any lower.

12) "Let's get rid of the wings."

13) Tear off the wings at the point where they are folded. At the bottom of the wings you will need to tear a diagonal fold. This will leave you with something that looks like a rocket ship.

14) "Now we have a rocket ship. How high can you go in a rocket ship? Right you can go all the way into outer space. Tell me can you fly all the way up to Heaven in a rocket ship? Of course not. The Bible tells us that there is nothing we can do on our own, without Christ to get to Heaven. We can build a plane or a rocket ship, but we can't fly up to Heaven. We can go to church, or be good person, but that will not get us to Heaven. That is why Jesus came down to earth. To die on the cross for our sins. Jesus came to give us the one way to get to Heaven. That is the way of the cross."

14) Unfold to reveal the cross

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