EFFECT: This is the parable of the prodigal son. It is told using every card in a deck of cards. This is really not a Gospel Illusion in the strictest sense of the word. It is a good effect, nonetheless.

MESSAGE: This is the parable of the prodigal son. Luke 15: 11 - 31

PROPS: You will need a full deck of cards, including one joker. If you can get a jumbo deck of cards, it will make the trick look better.

ROUTINE: On the left is the dialogue. On the right is the card you display. As you speak show the card to the audience and then lay them down on a pile.


This is a story that takes place on 777 street 7 of diamonds
7 of hearts
7 of spades

Where there was a certain wealthy man who had two sons he loved very much. The first was named Jack, the second was - Fred (hint - name someone in the audience) I'm teasing it was Jack also.

Lay these three cards to the side

The youngest son went to his father and said, "Father, I want my share of the inheritance, so that I can go my own way in the world." The father told him that this hurt him very much, but agreed
to do this,

King of Hearts
Jack of Clubs
Jack of Diamonds
So the father gave his son his share of the inheritance

Ace of Hearts
Ace of Clubs
Ace of Diamonds

This took Jack to a far-off distant and lonely land. Jackfound himself in a place called 666 Street (hint as a joke say it is near a local town).

Six of Hearts
Six of Spades
Six of Clubs
Where Jack met a one eyed man. Jack of Hearts

The fellow was a real Joker. Joker

Jack said wow! I am very fortunate to meet this man (hint-pronounce fortunate as four - two - eight as you display each of these cards).

Four of Spades
Two of Spades
Eight of Spades
There Jack partied, and gambled, and engaged in many pleasures of the flesh. He drank and smoked, and of course there were many beautiful women for Jack to enjoy.

Queen of Hearts
Queen of Diamonds
Queen of Clubs
Now you might think that Jack was doing real well for himself. You might think that Jack's life was a ten

Ten of Diamonds
However Jack squandered his money and the quality of his life went down,

Nine of Diamonds
and down Eight of Diamonds

and still further down

Seven of Diamonds
To make matters worse there was a great famine of the land Six of Diamonds
and the quality of Jack's life started to drop considerably

Five of Diamonds
Four of Diamonds
Three of Diamonds
Until his life had gotten to about as low as it could go.

Two of Diamonds
Then Jack had no money, and of course no friends. He had no where to go. He tried to find work in a small German town. He asked the manager if he had work? The German manager looked at him and said, "Nine, nine, nine."

Nine of Clubs
Nine of Spades
Nine of Hearts
Finally Jack met a very rich man, who told him that he had ten stables of cattle. Eight stables of sheeps. Eight stables of pigs. Eight of HeartsFour large angry pit bulls who guard the place.

King of Diamonds
Ten of Hearts
Eight of Clubs
Four of Hearts
The rich man told Jack that he could have a job working with his pigs. So Jack lived with the pigs, slept with the pigs, ate what they ate, and no one would help him. Finally Jack came to his senses. He said to himself, "Even The lowest of his father's servants…

Two of Clubs
Two of Hearts
Still live like kings compared to what I'm going through."

King of Clubs
So Jack decided to return home, except that he wasn't sure what he wanted to say to his father. About ten miles from home he decided that he would say, "Father I have sinnedagainst you and against God." About four miles from home Jack thought that he would say, "Father I am not worthy to be called your son. You should treat me like a hired hand."

Ten of Clubs
Four of Clubs
Then about three miles out, his father saw him. He rushed to embrace his son. The Father told his servants to call off work. He told one servant prepare a great feast. He told another servant to get the best clothes he had for his son. The next servant was told to get everything ready for a big party.
his son had returned.

Three of Hearts
The oldest son was angry and confused. He said to his Father, "Father I have been with you since the very beginning. I have always been by your side. How come I never got a party?" The Father answered "You have always been with me and have shared all that I have. we are celebrating because my son has returned. He was dead and is now alive. He was lost and now is found."

So it is with God our Father. He loves us and wants us to live for him. God will always forgive us and welcome us into his good graces, no matter how many times we fall away and return to God (as long as we live). Isn't it better thought to not fall away? You see Jack's Father knew that Jack wanted what we all want. Jack was looking for a full house.

Five of Hearts
Five of Clubs
Five of Spades
Three of Clubs
Three of Spades
When we stay with our Heavenly Father, we can have it all. We can have the whole royal flush.

Ace of Spades
King of Spades Queen of Spades
Jack of Spades
Ten of Spades

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